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Toby the Train cake

Wiggle Worm has been in love with choo-choo trains for months. (It might have something to do with the fact that there are train tracks right behind our house.)

I was searching for Toby the Train coloring pages when I saw this awesome Toby cake. I decided instantly that Wiggle Worm had to have one.

Toby the Train cake

Here is how I made the train cake:

1. I made a chocolate cake in a regular 13″x19″ baking pan.
2. I cut the cake into 3 equal pieces, then stacked the cake pieces with chocolate icing in between to make them stick.

Toby the Train cake layers

3. I covered all of the Toby cake in brown icing. (I should have skipped the top, which is gray, but I forgot!)

Toby's brown icing

4. I cut a tiny hole in the corner of a Ziploc bag and put gray icing (white with a few drops of black food coloring, mixed well) into the bag. I covered the top of Toby, then smoothed it down with a knife. I used the same bag to add in the other icing details, like eyes and bumpers.

Toby cake top

Toby icing details

I think he turned out pretty well. He was a lot easier to do than most of the Thomas trains, since he’s mostly rectangular! If I do another specialty cake, I’ll take the other author’s advice and freeze the cake before I put the icing on. The icing took a couple of hours to do, but the kids really loved Toby!

Toby the Train cake

Toby the Train cake's other side

Back of Toby the Train cake

Toby the Train cake side

Toby the Train cake

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