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Prayer shawl cards

I wanted to explain a little more about the importance of prayer shawl cards. The shawl itself is an expression of love and comfort, and the continual prayers bring blessing to the recipient – but I think they have even more power when the recipient is aware just how special the prayer shawl is. That’s where the card comes in.

Many people I give prayer shawls to don’t know what they are before they receive one, so I include a note with each shawl to explain a little bit about the prayer shawl ministry. I write each card by hand, and every time the message is a little different, but the purpose is to both explain what the prayer shawl is and also that I made the shawl especially for them.

One of the latest prayer shawl cards I wrote out had this message handwritten inside:

Dear (name),

This is a prayer shawl I made especially for you. Prayer shawls are very special because the maker prays continually over the recipient while making the shawl.

While I don’t believe that physical objects hold power over us, I do believe that each prayer I asked will bless you and bring you strength, comfort, and guidance.

I hope the journal and the angel will also be friendly reminders that God is right there with you through all your struggles – and that you also have friends and family caring for you and praying for you.

May you be reminded of all the little blessings in life every time you see or wear your shawl.

With love,


I was waiting to send it out because my new stamp says “Handmade with love especially for you” – just another reminder that each person is special in God’s eyes and that it is not a coincidence I chose them to receive the shawl.

Free downloadable prayer shawl cards

I like the added touch a homemade card adds to the shawl, so I designed some cards I could print out and write on. They are free to download – just print them on card stock (which you can buy at superstores or office supply stores), cut them in half, and fold them. Photo paper isn’t recommended if you want to sign the front of the card.

Each PDF includes 2 cards, as shown – just click on the one you like to download.

This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. – 2 Corinthians 9:12 (NIV)

One Comment

  1. Lori says:

    As the yarn’s journey starts,
    It becomes a prayer that comes from the shawl maker’s heart,
    The yarn becomes a journey of silent prayer,
    Through it’s twists and knots, the prayer is still there,
    The quiet clicking or the swish of the yarn,
    Tells you the prayer is still going on,
    The Shawl maker adds on another skein,
    The prayer is anew and doesn’t wane,
    As time goes by and the shawl maker’s mind sometimes wanders,
    The yarn goes on and prayerfully ponders,
    A prayer is said and the stitching subsides,
    The yarn comes to an end and is knotted and tied,
    It begins a new journey and given with prayer,
    It’s Hope, Faith and Love the recipient wears,
    But in the silent echoes you can prayerfully hear,
    The prayers, the quiet clicking, and the swish of the yarn,
    The yarn never ceases and its silent prayers are still going on…

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