The Girl in the Red Sweater

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red sweater girl


Texas bluebonnet season

The bluebonnets are out in full force this year! There’s been plenty of rain, and they are blooming all over the place. Today was Wiggle Worm and Mommy’s Day Out, and we decided it was high time we stopped by the side of the road like everyone else and took some bluebonnet pictures. Wiggle Worm…  » Read more »

Guardian of the Spring

Today, I went on a journey to find a bit of myself that I had lost for a little while. After I dropped my son off, I felt a deep need to seek out some peace. My favorite park, the one with acres of trees and a beautiful spring, called to me. I wasn’t expecting…  » Read more »

Beaming Sunset

Have you ever seen those pictures where the sun is rising or setting with bright, contrasty beams of light coming out from its center? I’ve seen plenty of them, and I thought they were neat, but I had no idea that it actually occurred in nature. It’s always relaxing to sit out at the lake,…  » Read more »

The Determined Snail

Sometimes the little things in life are the most inspiring. Take, for instance, this little snail I saw at Walmart. This little guy was lifting a plant pot on his back and moving it across the tank. It took him over 5 minutes because it kept swaying back and forth, but eventually he made it….  » Read more »

Cloud Pictures

Having grown up in the tornado belt, I love storms. I also love looking up at the sky and seeing new varieties of clouds unlike anything I’ve seen before. Carefree puffs that just make me want to scoot: And then there are swirly, ever-changing, interesting storm clouds. These bubbly clouds popped up suddenly one evening,…  » Read more »